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Abdominal massage reviews

K. Kiki massages with great attention, warmth and skill. She has a special sensitivity and puts her finger on the sensitive spot, literally and figuratively. After the massage I felt refreshed, relaxed and connected to my stomach.

Reviews women's circle

S. It was so nice again Kiki, it felt like coming home to my body, to myself. The variety and the physical aspect of the exercises helped me to allow my feelings and stay in the moment. I now feel like I'm floating in a rippling sea. Thank you!

A. An organ massage is a wonderful, accessible tool for people who feel the calling to work on themselves and to go through life lighter, with more love and awareness for themselves. Sometimes we forget how simple it can be and look for outside answers. In moments when we are struggling, we forget who we really are: hyper intelligent beings in a body where all knowledge is within reach. Our organs are sources of stored emotions and information about what is going on in our inner world. Kiki was able to give words to what was going on in my stomach and liver by means of an organ massage. A deep child piece that wanted to be heard. The insight that I have gained through this has ensured that I was able to heal it. Imagine if we all re-membered with the power of our nature, how nice life would be!

F. Kiki's belly massage made me reach a level of deep relaxation and help me let go of the tension that was stuck in the stomach and belly area. I felt that Kiki could instinctively feel which points needed more attention and she put her focus there. Normally I get bored during long massages but I barely noticed the 60 minutes passing by. Great experience!

L. Venus on Sunday brought me closer to myself. Through the exercises and the rest I was able to get in touch with myself well and afterwards I felt very calm, relaxed and full of self-love.

A. With the guidance of Kiki I felt a strong connection between my body and emotions. This alignment made me process feelings from the past without the need of analyzing and rationalizing these feelings. Kiki's persona and glow made me feel safe and loved.

J. I walked in to Kiki's and immediately felt at ease. She radiates tranquility and that affects the environment where the massage took place. It was just nice and relaxed so that I could tell openly about myself during the intake in advance. The treatment itself was very relaxing, I immediately felt like falling away and becoming heavy. The light pressure on my stomach was very pleasant and did not hurt at all. At the end I felt very nice heavy, rested and zen, as if I had done a very deep meditation. Really a present :) What I also liked is discussing afterwards what Kiki had noticed and what I can do with it at home. Certain pressure points and explanation about the organs. Super interesting and valuable to know!

E. This was my first time attending a women's circle, but it actually felt instantly familiar. Kiki explains a bit about Taoism per exercise and why it will help you, which I feel really deepens. During the exercises I could concentrate well and surrender because Kiki brings a nice feeling of security in the circle. Can't wait for the next one :)

H. Unexpectedly wonderful massage. My first belly massage and I really liked it! It really relaxes you. In addition, Kiki knows what she is doing (very interesting to get a small introduction to Taoism and the functioning of your organs), and she takes her time extensively. I would recommend it to everyone!

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