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Kiki Verschuuren


From an early age I have always had two big drives in my life; a search for harmony (within myself, with the world and the people around me), and the need to understand life and being human (as an 8-year-old child I liked to philosophize with my best friend about 'what is behind the universe is'). These two motives together have led me to many educations, courses and training, the most important being a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology, a master's degree in psychology and the Dao van de Vrouw training. From all this knowledge, combined with the necessary self-reflection and life experience, Venus on Sunday was born.

I work from intuition, softness and curiosity, and I'm not afraid to hold up a mirror to someone. I like to keep sessions light and playful, but at the same time one of my strengths is to put my finger on the sore spot, and I prefer to go to the core of a problem. My goal is to help people transform so that they can get closer to themselves and realize their dreams.

To say that there is a lot wrong in the world right now is an understatement. What we now consider normal in our society is far from what we as humans need to thrive.

I believe that when feminine qualities are again valued more in our society, a healing movement takes place that is good for the entire planet. In addition, I believe that when we come into more contact with our own body, we can better hear our own intuition. We then come into contact with love and compassion for ourselves, which in turn ensures better choices for yourself and the world.

The most relevant studies and courses at a glance (there are many more!)

Master Orthopedagogy (youth psychology) at the University of Amsterdam - Bachelor Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam Dao van de Vrouw 4-year Post HBO education with Dirkje Veltman -_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ Cognitive behavioral therapy course at RINO group - COMET training 'improve your self-image! ' -  Mindfulness trainer for children and young people -  Reiki Level 1

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