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1-on-1 guidance

How do I work?

During 1-on-1 sessions I combine Western scientific knowledge with Taoist wisdom. As a psychologist I like to get to the heart of a problem and I prefer to look at the situation holistically. From the Taoist perspective I would like to involve the body (heart, pelvis, abdomen etc).

So during a session we work on the mind-body connection, so that it becomes embodied knowledge and real change can take place.

During a session we not only talk about your problem, but I also alternately use self-reflection through writing assignments, visualizations, meditations, inner child work, shadow work, Qigong and body-oriented exercises.

What I can help you with:

- Anxiety or stress complaints

- Fatigue complaints / burnout

- Lack of zest for life

- Lack of self confidence

- Looking for a direction /life purpose

or if you want to get more in touch with your feminine essence, there is also a possibility for a private trajectory in which we go through the 6-week course 'Venus on Sunday' together at your pace and with extra attention.

First session 90 minutes (intake + complaints inquiry) = € 100,-

Follow- up session 60 minutes = € 80

Course of at least 5 sessions with first intake session of 90 minutes and four follow-up sessions of 60 minutes = € 350

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